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Kindergarten Rules

Behavior and Discipline:

I believe in having high expectations of the children to follow classroom rules and to help them understand the reasons behind rules.  I want all of the children to have the opportunity to learn and for no student to keep another student from being able to learn.  I strive to provide a safe and comfortable learning environment for the children in which we work and live as a team family in our classroom.

If a child is continuously having difficulty following room rules I will send home a report to communicate areas which need improvement.  I will contact you by phone if there is ever a situation that needs to be discussed.  It is important to me that we keep our lines of communication open and work together to meet the needs of your child. 

I have a “happy bowl” and a “sad bowl”.  When a student is misbehaving, their stick will be moved to the “sad bowl”.  However, the stick can be moved back with improved behavior.  If the stick remains in the “sad bowl” all day, they will not receive a sticker at the end of the day.  If the students stick is constantly spending time in the “sad bowl”, I will discuss their behavior and solution.  If your child does not come home with a sticker, please ask them why they do not have a sticker.


  1. keep your hands to yourself
  2. raise your hand
  3. share
  4. listen
  5. help others
  6. take turns
  7. put things back where you found them

1. Verbal warning
2. Move stick to sad can
3. Thinking chair (quiet time)
4. Note home/phone call
5. Student Report/Principal

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